Patricia did more for me in one session than others did over months and months of coaching work. She coached me past a block that had been my undoing for years, and in just over two months I accomplished what never before: finishing my website so that I could put my art out into the world for the first time ever. She’s off-the-charts intuitive, empathetic and insightful, and, simply stated, truly gifted for this work. And no one will be kinder, gentler, or more deliciously fun to work with. Plus hers are not cookie-cutter, follow-the-formula, one-size-fits-all sessions where you are expected to squeeze yourself into a particular coaching modality; the processes/exercises/modalities are chosen according to what fits you, your needs, your character, and your preferences, moment by moment, and in the end she always brings it back to the actionable, which is ultimately the only thing that can drive change and yield results. Cannot recommend her highly enough, and could never (ever!) thank her enough. She is magical, and absolutely the best.

Sylvia Paret — Adventuress Extraordinaire —


I have met more than my fair share of health and food coaches and Patricia is literally the only one who didn’t annoy or bore me. When my work with Patricia began, I was overweight, malnourished, resistant to feeding myself and all joy in eating anything (healthy or unhealthy) was entirely absent. Also, my self-loathing was at an all time high. I felt raw, ashamed and disorganized. Somehow, I trusted her when she listened or spoke to me. We were able to find foods that were good for me that I also enjoyed eating, with recipes that were easy. She employed two simple rituals I still use that allow me to enjoyably cook in my kitchen (without a bottle of wine as a companion) and allows me to feel better about my life in general. If I say too much more, you will probably think I am in love with her, so I will stop here. Thank you, Patricia, for helping me find my beauty again, to cultivate self-love and self-nourishment. I am “paying it forward”.

Ira J. Macner–Massage Therapist


The gratitude that I feel for Patricia and her program is overwhelming and deeply beautiful to me.  I am living all that I wanted for myself coming into a new phase of my life. Thanks to Patricia, I move forward with confidence, excitement and belief that everything is possible for me.

Jill Handy–Reiki Practitioner 

Patricia coached me for six months through a major health crisis, and with her help I was able to move through it and come out the other side into a place of power, health and deeper self-love. Patricia is very heart centered and intuitive. She was able to sense what was happening to my body on a given day, send me healing energy and help me create that same energy inside myself. I have recommended her coaching services to several of my friends!

Kathy Sorensen–Teacher

Patricia listened to  what my needs were and personalized her approach just for me. She gave me detailed suggestions after each session that  I could work on and continually checked in with me on my progress. She made me feel comfortable and cared for in a very supportive environment. I have gained confidence and I feel better about my whole self. I feel more nourished in many different ways, from the foods that I eat and the way I sleep to the relationships that I have. 

Janet Forward–Dancer and Massage Therapist

I decided to work with Patricia because I felt stuck, and unable to make any changes with my body, weight, and energy. I also wanted some inspiration for cooking fun and healthy food, and I wanted someone to be accountable to, someone to encourage me to be responsible for myself and take good care of myself.  We spent a lot of time talking about my food habits and preferences, and I can confidently say that my lifestyle choices around food have become healthier, more sustainable, and more efficient and effective as a result of our 6 months of health coaching together! I also feel more creative and free to partake in many types of exercise, as I’ve learned that enjoying what I do is as important as doing it at all.  It is such a great experience to have someone excited to help me help myself! I feel motivated and enthusiastic about continuing with the healthy lifestyle that we have developed together because Patricia really treated me as a unique individual and my choices now really work for me!”

Hanakyle Moranz–Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

I offer you a Deep Dive Coaching session. Let’s get to the heart of the matter on what you really want. Discover the magic of being true to yourself like never before. Start creating your life in alignment with what makes you come alive. What would be the story of your grandest love affair with life? I invite you to bring it all–your bold and knowing side, the fears and doubts, your most playful self.  We will find the obstacles and old beliefs that get in the way, and start to make room for the new in your life. It’s time to write a new chapter.

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