The Gift

During a time

when everything in me

seemed to want to close off,

tighten against the unknown…

Deeper still I found

the desire to open

to soften

to unfurl, like a secret,

a rosebud.


This was the invitation

amidst the chaos.

This, what my soul

had been waiting for

and what the mind feared most.

This quietude



the very soil

I needed most

for this soul’s purpose

of opening

Where the Soul Reigns

It is alright
to admit you are running
on empty

It is alright
to want to take to your bed
for days
while the snow gathers
outside your window

To go into the space of dreams
drop into the underworld
where the soul reigns
amidst golden caves

The air is not what you are used to
your breath expanding and softening
like some ancient and quiet instrument
made as much for moving air
as for listening

It is alright
to visit this place
and meet yourself there

Then to walk out without notes
without predictions
or certainties

Nevertheless enriched
and the riches simply
the opening of your heart
to yourself