When do you decide that you are enough?

So many of us women believe that what we have right now is not enough or that who we are is somehow wrong. That if we work hard enough, get it right, be a good girl, figure shit out, meet the right people, fall in love, lose 10 pounds–the conditions are endless…that if we do these many things and do them right, then we are allowed to feel joy, to feel that we are enough.
But it’s the other way around. You have to touch that “enoughness” inside you. You have to give yourself permission to feel joy for no reason. Then all those other things become that much easier.
I know this has been said before so many times, but I repeat it as medicine against the virus that lies inside me and you, waiting for us to go to sleep long enough to begin eating away at us from the inside. That virus gets passed down through generations and eats away at our power. It tells us that we’ll only get what we want by berating ourselves over and over.
And the way I have found to become stronger is to engage with life from a place of saying YES, in this moment right here I am enough, this moment right here is ripe with beauty if I can open my eyes, and my mind and don’t forget to also open through my body. The joy and the enoughness are right here, naturally.
That’s where it gets tricky. All the new age memes make it sound easy and breezy, but as we start to practice and go deeper, we realize that there are old patterns inside of us that find it terrifying to open, there are places in the body that brace against opening, where it feels so much easier to pull the covers over our heads and say no, I can’t open to any of it.
And because those deep patterns can be sneaky and tricky and downright impossible to uproot on our own, we need to ask for help. It takes strength to ask for support, to decide that you are enough and to give yourself permission to love yourself right now. From there, you can begin to truly create.
I’m here for you if you want this kind of support to create more freedom within yourself. Let’s have a conversation and see if we are a good fit. No pressure. Lots of possibilities.